Waytoplay - Curves Extension Set 4 Pieces

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Waytoplay curves extension set comes with four curved road parts, printed with stripes and continuous lines on either side. Expand your waytoplay motorway with extra road parts for even more fun or combine two of these sets to make a full circle.

Way To Play road segments are made from 100% child safe and child friendly, durable, hygienic rubber compound.

Made from thin and highly flexible rubber the sets of tracks are lightweight and can be easily pieced together in multiple different ways, there are no limitations.  

The flexible design allows for play uphill, downhill and over thresholds. Tracks have markings on both sides and they can be taken anywhere.  Take them in the dirt, snow, beach, bath wherever you like.  They are hardy and tough enough to handle all adventures in all elements.  

Waytoplay can be combined with lots of other toys and stimulates children's creativity and imagination.